Lake Motosuko



下部温泉駅より20km 車で 35分 Googleマップ

Boasting a depth of 138 m, it is one of the Fuji Five Lakes and one of the deepest lakes in Japan. It is also well known as the scenery of “Mt. Fuji on 1,000 yen notes”. You can enjoy various outdoor activities such as lake sports (windsurfing, yacht, etc.) and camping. It also appeared as a pilgrimage spot in anime.


  1. 山梨交通 株式会社

  2. 木喰の里微笑館

  3. なかとみ和紙の里

  4. 身延山久遠寺

  5. みのぶ ゆばの里

  6. 富士川クラフトパーク

  7. 甲斐黄金村・湯之奥金山博物館

  8. みのぶ自然の里

  9. YKタクシー下部出張所